Welcome to the Blissful Moments blog

Hey Angels,


Welcome to the Blissful Moments Blog. I’m going to be delving into tonnes of topics on this blog including spirituality, manifestation, crystals, healing from trauma & much more. There will even be an option to suggest topics you want me to cover or want to learn more about so we can stay connected & I can touch on topics that will make a difference in your life.


My crystal journey started when I was a kid but my spiritual journey only started properly about four years ago & it has brought the most fulfilling, rewarding & proudest  moments of my life.


I have a deep rooted belief that we are spiritual beings having a human experience & we are so conditioned by society from a young age that we forget the internal power we hold & how intrinsically we are connected to the natural world. Ultimately, I think the key to a happy life lies in connection.


Connection to self, connection to others, connection to the present & connection to the universe.


The strength of these connections will determine the inner power we have access to & I’d love to support anyone who has already started their journey as well as helping people take the first step on that journey.


I’m here to make it all feel a little less intimidating, I’ve been there, sat alone in my room during my first real spiritual awakening thinking, what have I let myself in for.


It will make you question things about yourself, let go of parts of yourself that don’t serve your highest good & leave you with a person who is by no means perfect but by all means peaceful & aligned.


I can’t wait to get started on our journey together, providing you a few blissful moments to reconnect.


Until next time,