About Us

As far back as I can remember, crystals have been a part of my life. Walking around small holistic shops and market stalls I learned to listen to my intuition and let it guide me in choosing what I needed.

As I grew older it was something I turned to every time things got hard and I needed a safe place to land. I realised that I needed to stop treating problems with solutions and instead proactively avoid them in the first place. 

I started to incorporate crystals into my daily life, carrying them around, using them as decor in my home and just generally enjoying their energy. All of a sudden, all of the things I had been manifesting made their way to me and I began to become the best version of myself. 

My wish for Blissful Moon Co. is that it fills your life with a little bit of magic and allows you to become the truest and happiest version of yourself.

Love and Light,

Sarah x