Your Intuition & choosing the right crystals for you

Hello to my beautiful crystal family. I’m so excited to have a few Blissful moments to talk you through my process of choosing crystals that are right for you & delving a little deeper into why your intuition & spiritual journey is so important.


For a lot of us, crystals are the first stepping stone on our spiritual journey & as we become more ingrained into the crystal community & our individual crystal journey, we put pressure on ourselves to pick ‘the right crystals’. Ultimately, there is no ‘right’ way to chose crystals & I think the beauty of spirituality is right in that statement.


I firmly believe that no matter what way you chose to select your crystals, it’s a higher version of yourself drawing you towards it, instinctively knowing that you need its energy in your life. I personally find myself drawn towards the same crystals over and over again & even though it’s true that they are aesthetically pleasing, there have been so many beautiful crystals to come through the offices at Blissful Moon that I personally don’t feel called to work with which is why I know that on an energetic level, I am bonded with certain crystals.many certain times.


Something I’m also very passionate about & have partaken in for most of my life is energy healing, reiki in particular, and from learning & understanding our chakras it becomes so much easier to understand why we’re drawn to different crystals at different points in our lives.


I went through a phase where I couldn’t leave the house without blue calcite, it was also a particular time in my life where I felt like my voice wasn’t heard & I was holding back a lot of what my heart needed to say. Then there’s times where my confidence has taken a knock & I am drawn to crystals like garnet & carnelian to help ground me & remind me of my self worth.




All of that being said, I think the ultimate hack for how to chose the right crystals for you is to get more in tune with you!


When’s the last time you actually sat down and checked in with yourself. Allowed yourself to explore the emotional & energetically heavy things you’re carrying with you?


We spend so much of our life at full speed ahead, thinking of the next thing or the endless to do list we ‘have’ to get through. So much time spent focusing on the external world that we forget there is a whole internal world going on inside of us that shapes us completely.


This internal world is made up of our experiences, our feelings, our higher self, our intuition…all of that is primed and ready to guide you to the crystals you need! You just need to learn to listen.


I’ve worked so hard to hone my intuition that I can almost feel a little tug like a tiny voice saying ‘this one’ when I find a crystal that I connect with and I would love to teach you how to do the same so you can get the most out of your crystals.


Recently, I’ve been feeling called to share my knowledge on spirituality & connection and a deep sense that maybe I could help you on your spiritual journey. It’s something I’ve always kept quite private because I’ve always felt that I don’t ‘know enough’ or that I still have so much to learn. I’ve recently learned that that feeling is just fear, fear of failure, fear of being judged, fear that I’m not good enough. It is so scary to be vulnerable but I’m choosing to trust in myself that I know enough to leave the world & the people I interact with a little better than I found them.


I think my next few posts will centre on getting to know your intuition & how it can help guide you in all aspects of life including choosing crystals that will change your life & propel you forward on your spiritual journey. As well as focusing on introducing you to your chakras & the significance of them in your crystal & spiritual journey.


Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to spend a few blissful moments with me.


I’m sending you nothing but love & positive energy


Sarah xx